Friday, November 24, 2006

Things that made me laugh today:
You can always count on McSweeney's to bring sunshine to your day, and not only did "If I Did It!: The Musical" make me howl with laughter, but My Prison Notes made me laugh even harder.

The Go Fug Yourself gals are always good for making you laugh so hard you think you're going to fall off your chair, but you're at work, and you have to look like you're working, so you cover your mouth and close your eyes and your entire body shakes with laughter while tears are welling up in your eyes, and occasionally a squeak gets out and when people look you say you just got some sad news about a relative and you're very shaken up over it. (Or, in the case of my office, someone reads it, looks up and yells to everyone else, "Omigod have you read today's fug?!" and then everyone immediately clicks to it and we all laugh hysterically.) Today's piece, featuring K-Fed standing in as Unkle Fugly, is pure comedy gold. Usually I don't like Ask Aunt Fugly that much, but this is AWESOME.

Things that made me laugh last night:

Ugly Betty. Best. Episode. EVER. I laughed out loud at Daniel waking up in Betty's bed, looking up and staring right into the horrid senior class picture she has her on her nightstand. Then she tells him that she slept in his arms and the look on his face was priceless. The episode featured Wilhemina finding a cashew on her floor and demanding to know who on her staff would snack on something that was 15 grams of fat per serving (hahahahaha! I thought... and then I stopped eating my cashews...); Justin talking about some Hungarian queen's skin that was "FABulous!"; Daniel making little ornaments with glitter and jellybeans with Betty's family; Betty being stuck doing a cover featuring Chloe, Tim, and Baby Chutney, clearly a satire of TomKat (and that row of little baby dolls in various insanely funny outfits was SO good); Betty firing the artistic director when he wanted to put the baby in chain mail; Wilhemina and Marc getting stuck in Queens when the cab driver ("What did you drive in the old country, a goat?!" Wilhemina yells at him) can't find JFK airport, and he dumps them on a street corner; Wilhemina having it out with a couple of prostitutes on a corner who are fingering her "albino lynx" stole, and just as she's telling them to get their hands off the money, Marc grabs her and says, "OK, Lil Kim, I think we've had enough," which was the funniest line in the episode; Marc and Wilhemina getting to a tiny storefront church and her breaking the offering box open with a stiletto heel and taking out the dollar bills.... it was SO good. I love this show. If the rest of the episodes are anywhere near this one, this will be one season remembered for its dazzling return to comedy.

Things that made me laugh two days ago:
My husband was in a car accident on Sunday (ok, that's not what made me laugh... come on, my heart isn't ALL stone) and the insurance company told us they could reimburse us $100 a week for the housework he's now no longer able to do. HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I seriously had to be helped up off the floor after that one.

Things that made me laugh a week ago:

30 Rock. My pal Crissy told me about this show, and I could NEVER find it (I even set my PVR/TiVO to a universal find and record and IT couldn't find it) and they finally moved it to Thursday last week. It was BRILLIANT. Seriously, if you're not watching this show, tune in. I actually liked it better than (oh my god, I can't believe I'm saying this) The Office. And you know how much I love The Office. I don't know why no one ever offered Alec Baldwin his own show before now. As the head of GE, he does this little instructional video for the network shows explaining how to work product placement into their storylines to advertise GE products. Then Tina Fey's character puts him in a sketch for that week's show, and his assistant brings in the blooper tape. What we see next is about 5 solid minutes of Alec Baldwin looking like a complete idiot, as he walks like a robot, falls over, knocks out a window, constantly interrupts the flow of it, keeps flubbing the lines, saying "racial integration" and "product integortion" instead of Product Integration, answers a cell phone call, insists he doesn't know what to do with his hands... I've kept the episode on the PVR and have easily watched this scene 6 or 7 times this week. It NEVER ceases to make me laugh. Watch it next week (and watch The Office, where the episode is going to be written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the guys behind the original BBC Office.


Anonymous said...

Things that made you laugh two days ago... too funny- as if men do housework!!!
well, the gay ones do... I felt like the slob in my last fruit fly relationship! (SO hate the term fag hag)
I laughed out loud in my apt way too early this morning! shh, mustn't wake the neighbours!
Kathy T

Crissy Calhoun said...

weeee. i like your lists of funny things as they make me laugh too. picturing alec baldwin trying to figure out how to walk is truly truly the key to happiness.

leor said...

that alec baldwin blooper reel was one of the funniest things i've seen in a very long time

The Chapati Kid said...

Tracy Jordan rocks. Salma Hayek annoys me.

Anonymous said...

I have to back you up with your love of Ugly Betty. This is the one show that I can't wait to watch each week - mostly because I know I will laugh at something (usually most of the episode) - the characters/actors on this show rock - tonight's episode (November 30th) was even funnier than last week's - this show just gets better and better - if I had to force myself to give up a few t.v. shows right now in order to keep watching UB, I would do it in a heartbeat - sadly, my former favourite dramedy, Gilmore Girls, has slipped due to the loss of Amy Sherman-Palladino - I had hoped that there would be little impact with the split of creator/writer and network; however, it was becoming more and more apparent every week that this is not the case - the essence of the show has been lost - mainly the great characters and dialogue - I miss Kirk, Miss Patty, Babette, PARIS and even's just not the same - I will hang in until the end of this season (which I'm hoping now will be the last - something I wouldn't have hoped for at the beginning of last season) - Sherman-Palladino was the very heart and essence of that show - you can't recreate her spirit and energy even with 50 writers on the's sad that a strong female t.v. writer is gone...although hopefully not for too long - I believe her and her husband are working on a new show...let's hope so.

Sue K.