Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lost Seinfeld episode
Someone over at National Lampoon knows their Seinfeld. Michael Richards, who played Kramer, has recently been caught on tape shouting racist epithets, and has since appeared everywhere from Letterman to your local pub insisting that he's not a racist and he's sorry. (Sorry he was caught, that is.)

In response to the story, National Lampoon has done what they do best, and has created a lost Seinfeld episode by piecing together various scenes from Seinfeld episodes and creating a plot about Kramer going nuts at the Laugh Factory and the rest of the gang having to deal with the fallout. Uncomfortable? Yes, but this is one of the most brilliant parodies I've seen since that trailer that made The Shining look like a fun family film. Go and watch it here, and brace yourself.