Sunday, November 05, 2006

LOST: Patchy
On this past week's episode of Lost, we saw the mysterious face of a man with an eye patch looking at Locke from another hatch. He covers up the screen as if he doesn't want to be seen, and the screen goes fuzzy. Who the heck is that guy? Is he an old Dharma refugee? Could he be the fabled Radzinski (who maybe DIDN'T blow his head off, as Inman suggested?) The best connection made so far was from a roommate of my pal Crissy, who, incidentally, was reading my book, the chapter on "The Other 48 Days," when he came across my questions about something the Tailies found in a chest in the Arrow station: in it, there's a glass eye. Could it belong to Patchy? (Thanks for finding that, Adam!)

Also, someone pointed out to me that the mural in the Swan station had a drawing of an eye, and an X beside it, like it was another reference to this mysterious man. Yet another thing we need to go back and study earlier episodes for. ;)

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thisguypossessed said...

I think further evidence to support the fact that patchy is Radzinsky is the fact that they found the orientation video splices in the same box as the glass eye. If the glass eye belongs to patchy then he is likely to be the same one who edited the orientation film. If Kelvin was telling the truth that it was Radzinsky who edited the film, then I think patchy is very likely Radzinsky.

p.s thanks Nikki for a great discussion in London yesterday and for signing my book!