Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In honour of my friend Crissy, I had to post about the best news we've had in weeks... K-Fed is now Fed-Ex! Our girl Brit FINALLY came to her senses yesterday and filed for divorce, and TMZ was the first to report on it. What was so hilarious is, my husband emailed me the link at work, and even though I was on the phone, his subject line -- Britney Files for Divorce -- was enough incentive to tune out the person on the phone and click on the link. As I sat there staring at the awesome news, I immediately flipped my head in the direction of Crissy (who sits beside me) and who had simultaneously flipped her head in my direction... and she had the exact same article on her computer screen. It was a beautiful moment. :)

TMZ reports today that Kev is reportedly going to fight her for custody, which is so ass. Yeah, I'm sure the Cornrow King makes a MUCH better parent than Britney. Sure, there are moments where I hold my hands up and think, "Hmm... do the kids go with bad, or worse?" but I think bad is the better option. Poor kids. They're doomed either way, but now that K is out of the picture, maybe Brit can get her life back on track and find a REAL guy. One who doesn't rap about how rich he's gotten off his wife. "Who told this bastard that he can't rap? I got 50 mil. I can do whatever I want!" Um... not anymore, dude!


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting in honour of such a brilliant, funny, and joyous moment in pop culture history.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the child everyone keeps calling a boy is a girl - that's Mohinder's sister. The one his mother said died. Why isn't that as obvious to everyone else as it is to me?