Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh, SNAP! -- Veronica Mars
Veronica's ep last night was the best of the season, in my opinion. FINALLY this show seems to have gotten back on track. Thank you, Rob Thomas!! It had great lines, funny dialogue, Keith was awesome (even if he has made a difficult decision that will no doubt fly back in his face in a nasty way); Logan was funny and mysterious; Piz was back and was sweet (I can't remember the last time a show introduced a new character in the third season that I took to as quickly as this guy); Wallace felt like he wasn't just inserted into the storyline, and actually had a purpose; and Veronica was back to her witty, vengeful self. The Nancy Drew mystery-of-the-week was intriguing, and we couldn't WAIT to find out whodunnit, and hope they incur the full Wrath of the Ron. (And her revenge on Ratner, who didn't actually do it, was HILARIOUS!)

We've found out Claire was faking it, and it gave me hope that maybe she was the only one, and it steers us away from the worry that it will have all been a sham. I'm still disappointed that Ronnie didn't look at the ATM photo and think maybe it was something more than what she wanted it to be. Yeah, if there's someone standing behind someone else in line looking ticked in an ATM photo, there's no doubt that person raped the one standing at the counter. Come ON. I'm glad she was proven wrong on that one so quickly. The Mercer mystery is a new twist in the bigger mystery, and I'm intrigued about where Logan was with Mercer.

Thank you, Rob Thomas, for bringing Veronica back to me. Now don't disappoint me again.


The Chapati Kid said...

Great episode! Although there were some things I wasn't crazy about still ... like so WHAT if he has hair clippers in his dresser drawer? Lots of guys have hair clippers, and they use it to cut their... hair. That would be no reason to suspect Merceer, unless she found hairs on it that weren't his. And then, whoa, all of a sudden, the sheriff is actually listening to what she has to say? And just happened mention that he happened to find vials of GHP (or whatever he found) in the lockbox? Why didn't he interrogate Mercer about it before then? Also, I STILL don't buy that Mac's roommate is wearing a really high end wig. How come she gets to look normal and no one else does? And how did she just bounce back from her trauma (most rape/assault survivors I've known have taken months to just socialize normally again) and get a crush on Piz? Otherwise, all great! Especially Keith and Veronica. Back in form!

Nikki Stafford said...

I do agree; the idea that Parker has gone from rape victim to having a crush on Piz seems quite unlikely. And I don't know if I've mentioned how much I HATE HATE HATE the HORRIBLE fake wigs these victims are wearing, but they are truly horrid.