Thursday, November 16, 2006

Horn-Rimmed Glasses, Eden, Mohinder, Fate, and ... Walt
Once again, I'll pull some of the comments up here to discuss in the post, because some of the questions and comments deserve further discussion.

I think Eden's power is being annoying... Or more likely, as you suggest, the power of persuasion. I just don't like her. As far as Claire's dad goes, I'm sticking to my "he's evil" guns. Claire's birth mother mysteriously dies cause things didn't go according to plan? Suspect. People's powers getting out of control because the Paper Factory Folk are meddling? Very suspect.

I agree with you on Eden. I want to grow my hair out now because of how much I dislike her. :) I switch back and forth on HRG's evilness factor, which I guess makes for a great mystery, since it's just not obvious.

Their powers are being "purified." I think Mohinder's "love" interest's name is Mira. And finally, why didn't Eden use her whispery whispers on Mohinder to stop him from leaving?

You're right; it's Mira. Mohinder looked like he said Nira, and I didn't check the credits. Good question about Eden not using her powers on him... maybe she wanted him to leave? Maybe they needed him back in India to find out about the boy's file, and that would be their only link. If HRG and Eden really are puppet masters of some kind, they'll need Mohinder in India working the Suresh angle for them, since Suresh was so far ahead of everyone else on this.

was I the only one screaming at the tv for mohinder to hurry up and open the drawer. He knew the drawer was locked, he knew where the key was. I understand that he thought there were some aspects of his father's work that should stay locked away, but COME ON, it took forever. OK rant over, sorry

You know, sometimes I'm watching a show and looking for the answers and my mind is trying to figure it all out before they do, and other times I just sit back and let it happen and don't think it through. I thought he was still staring at the key that got him into Sylar's place, and didn't realize it was a different one, so it never occurred to me that it was to the drawer. But if you'd caught on, I could definitely see why you'd be frustrated! :)

Maybe their powers aren't generating naturally, but sombody has been cutting them open and tinkering and leaving the mark to indicate their work. Didn't Mohinder's voice over say you can't escape your fate? Perhaps that's why HRG isn't stoping Claire from going to Homecoming. Still not sure on HRG - I'd say he's grey. Doing bad for good reasons, perhaps selfishly so.

That's exactly what I'm starting to think. I agree with you ont he voiceover, and for me, it was a little confusing: If we can't escape our fate, and HRG knows that, then how would Isaac's paintings help him help Claire? He can't change her fate, and if her fate is to be a big bloody mess, then that's that. Game over. But despite Mohinder's words, HRG is trying to find a way to save her (at least, that's what he's saying). And Hiro is appearing from the future to tell people to Save the Cheerleader. So despite what Mohinder is saying, these people clearly believe we can CHANGE our fate, if we can't escape it.

Thanks for the book on Lost. Very helpful! This addresses one of your asides, regarding Lost, rather than Heroes. Can we still truly say that Walt astrally projected himself? We know that the "smoke monster" can take on human form (Yemi to Eko). How far back in the series does this possibility reach? Was it the monster projecting Boone to Locke in 303. Or Eko to Locke later in that episode? Did the monster project Walt to Shannon in Season 2? Christian to Jack in Season
One? That one shot in 305 seems to force you to rethink every island apparition and prophetic dream in the show. What do you think about this and why? (Sorry this is on a Heroes thread.)

Ooh, I don't care what thread we're in; I'll always talk about Lost. I'm glad you liked the book! Great theory! Smokey can bring death, as we saw with Eko. It can also bring peace, as we saw with Locke... it's just a matter of how it wants to appear to the people on the island. I definitely think that now that we've seen the smoke monster take on the form of Yemi to lead Eko all over the island, that it could have been the one that created Boone and Christian. The one thing all 3 of them have in common is, they're dead. Walt wasn't dead. So while it's very possible that he was also a projection of Smokey, I'm thinking Walt somehow did it. Unlike Christian, Boone, and Yemi, Walt has been proven to have special powers. And Klugh asked Michael in "Three Minutes," "Has Walt ever appeared in a place where he wasn't supposed to be?" as if they, too, knew he was doing something extraordinary. So that becomes a big question: Was Walt really doing it himself, or was it just the smoke monster playing with Shannon? Walt seems like the odd man out in this situation because he was alive, but the other thing that connects Shannon to Eko is after they saw their apparitions, they died, so that would add to your theory that it was Smokey in both circumstances. Hmmm... definitely something worth thinking about.

And it begs the question, once again, can they ever bring back Walt? I don't think we've seen the last of Michael, but Walt was SO important to the show, and yet from a practical perspective, if they bring him back in season 4, they're dealing with a 16-year-old who's still supposed to be 12. Do they pull a switcheroo and just get another actor? It'll be tough.

One more thing on Heroes: I was watching part of last week's episode because I'm transferring the eps off my PVR (TiVO) and putting them onto DVDs. When Micah is talking to Niki and knows it's not her and asks if she can put his mother on the phone, does he know who he's talking to? At first I thought maybe he thought he was talking to a neighbour, but something tells me Micah has actually seen both sides of his mom, and she doesn't know it. So he knows when he's talking to Buffiki, and when it's Niki, and he's very calm about it because he knows neither one will hurt him. Thoughts?

Did anyone else feel like something was missing from their Wednesday night last night? :(


Anonymous said...

I was talking to my co-worker as we do after every Lost and Heroes (and Prison Break) show and I was thinking (or is it overthinking? :o) that maybe Mohinder is suppose to be in India. So if he accepts that job Mira offered - which dealt with DNA - he may be able to find out more information about the Heroes or maybe Mira wants him to take the job so he stops working on his father's work and she can prevent him from finding something out.

Yeah I do over think too much. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe the writers are just winging it from episode to episode, and that may explain the Eden not whispering to Mohinder hole in the story. Remember, she kisses him -- she uses SOME kind of persuasion. Maybe Mohinder's superpower is to be able to resist any kind of superpowery effect on him!