Wednesday, November 08, 2006

LOST Ep 6: “I Do”
WOW. Sometimes I HATE the writers on Lost. (But it’s a good hate, of course.) I literally screamed, “NOOOOOOOO” at the end of this episode. I cannot believe they are being this cruel to us, ARGH!!!! (I’m writing this about 2 minutes later, so the frustration hasn’t calmed yet.)

This episode revealed Kate’s ex (played by the man Joss Whedon fans love to love, Nathan Fillion… a fellow Canuck with Evangeline), who was a good man who fell in love with the wrong woman. Again we discover that Kate is a good person doomed to spend her life paying for her one crime. I have to admit, Kate flashbacks aren’t usually met with a huge, “Yay!” from me, yet every time I watch one it’s usually a great episode and always reveals something new about her character. Unlike the Sawyer one a couple of episodes ago, this episode not only shows us the marriage we’d only heard about, but showed again how difficult Kate’s life has been since she tried to save her mother’s life by taking her father’s. The call to the marshal was something he mentioned in an earlier flashback, when he told her she would call him and tell him she didn’t want to stop running, so this flashback was entirely consistent with what we’ve seen with her. It was an excellent episode, with awesome performances from Lilly and Fox. This is Matthew Fox’s season, for sure.

Did You Notice:
-ep opened with Ann Margret’s “Slowly”
-Adewale’s name was in the credits. Must be a contract thing.
-Pickett wants to kill Sawyer because Sun killed Colleen. It’s like they see the Losties as all the same person, just as the Losties see the Others as all the same.
**The minister who married Kate and Kevin was ALSO the head doctor in “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues” with Jack. Uh… same guy, or just same actor?
-Ben is very much like a God figure, watching over all of the action and making judgments on people.
-the marshal mentions the Feast of the Ascension, which is a strange thing to mention, except in the context of Eko. While we know that AAA is not returning to the show, so it’s not like he’s going to rise from the dead like Christ, it was an interesting reference nonetheless (the Feast of the Ascension is a Catholic holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ)
-after seeing Sawyer and Kate together, Jack tells Ben that HE needs to get off the island, not he and his friends
**before Henry goes under, he says, “See you on the other side.” This is exactly what Anthony Cooper said to Locke as they headed into surgery. There have been twists on this throughout the series (I’ve written about it in my book). Nadia wrote a similar thing to Sayid, Desmond’s said, “See you in another life” twice to Jack, Dave said the same thing to Hurley before jumping off the cliff, and Pickett says, “See you in the funny pages” to Michael.

I loved:
-“Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse”
-Ben telling Jack that he’s disappointed in him, and Jack saying it’s a good thing he won’t have to be disappointed for very long. OUCH!!
- the way Kate climbs out of her cage, and how she makes it look effortless. It would take me 10 minutes to do the same thing, and I’d still manage to land on my head and sustain a major concussion.
-how young Kate looked in the flashbacks. It’s a wonder what bangs can do for making a person look younger (note to self: get bangs).
-that Paolo was just there, without uttering a word. Can we keep him like that for the rest of the season (until he’s killed by a polar bear?)
-Alex! And the David and Goliath thing they did with her and the slingshot
-Kate and Sawyer! That went without saying… and yet, part of me also wants her with Jack. The moment where he saw the two of them on the monitor, my heart stopped.
-Kate walking down the aisle with her new husband, and the cut to her being escorted to Jack’s cage with Juliet. Nicely done.
-at the wedding, the fact that her fiancée loves that with Kate, “what you see is what you get”
-Locke seeing Eko’s stick. “Lift up your eyes and look north” not only refers to looking upwards to God, but to the North of the island (or, offshore; let’s hope he looks across the water). Locke has had a renewed spirit and faith since the hatch explosion. I thought his huge mistake (that almost killed everyone) might destroy him completely, but it’s had the opposite effect, as if by showing him the button actually did something, it justified him pushing it for so long

-who is Alex asking about? Where is the “home” that Juliet mentions she was taken to? Why does Ben ask about her, and why does Juliet lie about what happened to her? Where did the Others really take her?
-if the Others REALLY wanted to force Jack to operate on Ben, why threaten Sawyer’s life? Isn’t that the most asinine plan they’ve had yet? Why not threaten to kill Kate? THAT would have an impact on the guy.
-How long ago was she married? The cellphone she was talking to Kevin on looked fairly recent.
-why did she call the marshal? Was she really so naïve as to think he’d just let her walk away after he’d been hunting her so long? (The egg timer was genius.)
-Kevin got 2 tickets to Costa Rica on Oceanic Airlines as a honeymoon gift for Kate. Was Dharma perhaps tracking its former passengers? Is that how they got all of these people on the plane?
-did Kate have an abortion, or did she have the baby? (I’m thinking the former since a baby wouldn’t really work in the Kate timeline, but you never know with this show.) She later says to Kevin, “I almost had a baby” as if the abortion’s already happened, so I’m leaning to that.
-who was communicating with Jack in his cell through the com device? Was it Juliet? If so, it points to her being in cahoots with Ben, because by forcing Jack to leave his cell and go to the closed circuit TV room, he sees Kate and Sawyer together and it forces him to act.
-Jack doing what he does in the surgery definitely points to a change in his character. He’s never used his skills to kill someone… has he?
-Jack says he needs to get off the island: does he mean the Alcatraz island (i.e. does he know?) or is he talking about it all as one big island, and he wants to go home to L.A.?
-will Jack really attempt to kill Ben? If he doesn’t know they’re on another island, will Kate tell him or will she run?
-what did Kate mean when she said she can’t leave without Jack. Does she mean she won’t leave, or she CAN’T? Is she trying to tell him they actually CAN’T leave the island?
-will Locke head out with other Losties to try to find Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? WHY haven’t they tried to do so already?
-will Kate get pregnant from being with Sawyer? Or has he discovered that if you hit the button 42 times, a prophylactic comes out?
-will I make it to February without completely losing my mind??
-does ABC really think fans will tune in to Daybreak just because they’re going to run commercials of Lost during every episode? (Note: just check YouTube the next day; the Lost promos will be there instead.)

So now what? I have 3 months to fill this space every Wednesday night. I guess I’ll just have to write about Heroes a lot more (I owe you one for this week… d’oh!) And anti-Paolo fan fiction. Tune in next week when Paolo discovers a poisonous snake.


thisguypossessed said...

the problem i've had with the episodes so far is that they seem to be repeating a lot of character development in the flashbacks. For example, with Kate in "i do" we learn that she was in a romance which could not be because she was a fugitive, but wasn't that the same case with Tom whom she got killed because of her criminal actions. Also with Locke, we knew about his previous pain stemming from his lack of a family. And yet again that point was made again by his screw up in his pot growing hippie family. How many times have these people repeated their mistakes? I would say the only revealing flashbacks so far were of Jack, Sun and Jin because those were the only flashbacks that displayed new aspects of these characters.

Anonymous said...

lurved this episode.

i just watched it again and i'm pretty sure the pregnancy test was negative -- so it would just be a pregnancy scare that freaked Kate out and made her run.

also when Kevin was lying there all drugged up and then Kate put the necklace in his hand, it was very echo-y of Sun's bf lying dead on Jin's car with the pearls in his hand. Abandoned by the woman he loved....

The Chapati Kid said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Alex, when she's being carried away, ask them about what they'd done with her boyfriend, and then say something about Ben? It must be my imagination, but when Ben's in surgery and asks about Alex, I immediately thought of that scene, and I thought she asked them what they'd done with Ben. Oh Lost, how I love thee. And shall miss thee. And shall have to find ways to occupy my Wednesday nights until your return.

The Chapati Kid said...

Okay, I dedicated my blog entry to you before you posted yours... by the way, I found this link that I believe you (especially) and Miss Calhoun will be tres interested in:,,50001-1240141,00.html

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode! Yeah!!! I think it was Alex's voice on the intercom, but I don't think Alex was actually there. For a second, I was worried they were going to play Sawyer/Kate sex sounds to piss Jack off. Whew!

I couldn't see the preg test b/c there was something on my screen from ABC about the elections, so it was negative for sure? Was it a Widmore test by chance?

Anonymous said...

Ugh... yes, pregnancy test negative. (We checked on the ol' PVR).

I was disappointed, not so much in the episode, but in the six-episode arc as a whole. I was under the impression that this was going to be a self-contained mini-movie of sorts. Almost stand-alone.

Yet, here we are, with a minor cliff-hanger episode and three months to wait. Heck, I was hoping we'd come to the end of the episode and see Locke, Sayid, and the gruesome twosome standing on a beach, looking across and seeing the island. At least then we'd have closure.

Seriously, if this were any other show, I'd give up. Three months??? I was annoyed when Prison Break pulled this stunt and I'm mortified by this. And the audacity of trying to sell this as a benefit to the viewers (16 weeks, no repeats... none!! really. Not like last year. Did you check

I wrote about this a few days ago ( and I'm still angry.

Not enough Sayid. What's up with Claire, the baby, and the Hobbit? Hurley Who? Sun, Jin, we hardly knew ye...

All I have to say is, blech. Oh, and I'll pathetically be back in February, hating myself for being so excited about the show returning.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

one other thing I forgot about:

when Danny (?) is walking out to the cages to kill Sawyer, he says, "Shepherd wasn't even on Jacob's list." Who is Jacob?

Jeff Heimbuch said...

"So now what? I have 3 months to fill this space every Wednesday night."

You COULD write about "Off The Island" next Wednesday, my Lost Fan Film that'll be released then! ;)
- Jeff