Monday, November 13, 2006

The Faces of Evil
They look innocent, don't they? Cute little twin girls, with golden hair and beautiful smiles. But according to an article I just read at, it would appear that hair is covering their horns, as Borat would say.

Meet Lamb and Lynx Gaede, 13-year-old twin singers who have an album, a video, they tour, and they have leagues of fans. The nature of their music? White Nationalist hatred. Yep. The band is called Prussian Blue, and you're looking into the face of the new generation of Neo-Nazism. Call me naive, but I read this article and just felt overwhelming sadness. I don't know what's worse -- the fact that their trashy mother April decided to raise them to believe in White Power and death to all other races (she was raised by a piece of excrement who covered the walls of the house with swastikas and Nazi memorabilia, and this same man remains a profound influence on his granddaughters), or the fact that they're finding an audience for this hatred of theirs. Their album has been put out on "Resistance Records," which apparently is an ENTIRE LABEL devoted to this crap.

Go read the article. And weep for the future.


Anonymous said...

So terribly sad.

Corey said...

Just saw Borat, and sad to say, not surprised anymore at how ignorant a great number of people are.

They are cowards, vile cowards, who cannot deal with their own failures in life, and seek to blame anyone but themselves.

Pathetic is about the nicest thing you could say.

Anonymous said...

I saw these girls being interviewed on television once. I wonder if they will realize how ignorant they are when they are older. Sadly, probably not.