Monday, November 06, 2006

Lost & Heroes: Here be interesting revelations!
The latest issue of EW has just dropped into my mailbox (and I can't find a larger pic of the cover online so this eensy one will have to do). Not only is the cover story on Heroes (YES!!) but they have an exclusive interview with Adewale, a.k.a. Eko, and it puts an end to the speculation in my post this morning, and the responses to it.

Turns out... it was Adewale's idea to leave the show.

He was excited to get the part in the beginning because he wanted to play a quiet priest, which is what he thought the role would be. Then he got the script where we found out he was a drug runner, and he says he was "devastated." But, being the professional he was, and having faith in the writers, he read on, and came to terms with the role. He had an active role in Eko's development, and Carlton and Damon say he's "complicated" to work with, but never say "difficult." In the end, they saw his interest in the character as a positive one.

But Adewale, being an actor who always wants to move and develop and not stay stuck in a role, believed that his character could be played out in a single season, and that by the end of season 2, he'd done all he could to complete Eko's arc. He believed the way the season ended should have been the end of Eko. It actually took some cajoling on the part of the writers to get him to return for a couple of season 3 eps, and he eventually gave in and allowed for one more flashback. As he put it, "I never like to get lazy, sitting in a character two or three years, him getting fat and having grandchildren. I like to hit and run." He discussed his plan with the writers, and Damon says, "...we all decided the shocking and emotional death would be the best way to go."

So there you have it. It had nothing to do with the colour of his skin, or the fact he got a traffic ticket in the summer, or, perhaps, what the writers had in mind. (Though the article DOES state that even when they hired him, the original idea was for him to only extend to about the middle of season 3, so it sounds to me like his flashback just came earlier in the season than anticipated.)

The cover story on Heroes is great, too, though they warned of spoilers near the end and I skipped it, but apparently by the end of November sweeps we'll have a TON of answers to the questions that have been building. Tim Kring, the creator of the show, says he's annoyed by shows that draw out questions and refuse to give answers (even though he actually consulted with Lindelof while developing the story idea, and Lost would be the ultimate show with no answers) so he's planning on answering things as he goes, and coming up with new questions. Let's hope he doesn't run out of ideas after one season. :)

Definitely pick up a copy of this issue.

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Anonymous said...

This week's Lost podcast with Damon & Carlton has pretty much the same info as the EW article -- AAA was on a one-year plan, much like Michelle R., and the writers wanted to spread out the deaths of Ana-Lucia and Eko so it wasn't killy-kill-kill all the time. They did say (sorry Chapatikid) that Eko, like everyone else we've seen die, is actually dead and we won't see him again until the Zombie Season...