Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attention Canadian Lost Fans!

CTV has announced their plans on the lead-up to the Lost premiere on Feb. 2. First, they'll replay the S5 finale on Tuesday, January 26 from 9-11 p.m. (all times EST). Then they're playing "Pilot, Part 1" on Sunday, January 31st at 7 p.m. (that would actually be an interesting experiment to watch the end and the beginning right after each other). Then following the pilot, they're playing the clip show, "LOST: The Beginning of the End."

And that's all in anticipation of the two-hour premiere on February 2, starting at 9 p.m. (Is anyone else getting jittery with excitement just reading those words??)

You can read the full article here at the CTV site.


humanebean said...

"Jittery with excitement" is a vast understatement for my escalating level of anticipation. I was thinking more along the lines of "twitching spastically with barely restrained apoplexy".

Verification word: "ovablet" - tacky name for the inevitable Microsoft oval version of the Apple tablet.

; ]

Wordburglar said...

thanks for the info nikki!

Do you know if ABC will still be airing all 3 hours on tuesday night (in Canada) ?

asiancolossus said...

I'm glad CTV is re-airing the S5 finale and the bonus premiere from S1! Is this special the same one going to air at 8pm on ABC on February 2? I think it is supposed to be a recap special then the two hour premiere for S6. If so we kind of get the jump on this special!

Canadian lost fans are the best eh Nikki? ;) We claim to know what Lost is all abooot LOL

Unknown said...

I am so happy that it is airing on CTV and not the A Channel as it is the only channel that comes in clearly. (We don't use cable or satelite service.)
It has sucked the last few years to have to watch it a day later streamed online.
Thank you CTV!