Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Media Today!

A couple more pieces I interviewed for came out today.

I spoke to Mark Dawidziak from the Cleveland Plain Dealer for over an hour, and he's a fellow fan and writer and it was a ton of fun (I can't say we actually stayed in "interview mode" for the entire thing, and at one point he was asking me why I don't teach a university course on Lost and then explained how I should go about it... now I can't stop thinking about it!) Anyway, he quoted me extensively and I'm really pleased about this article!

I spoke to the Detroit Free Press last week when the reporter was looking for an explanation of the Ann Arbor connection. I gave her the background of the DeGroots and a ton of ideas of why they would choose the University of Michigan as the Dharma headquarters, but she went with other quotes of mine instead, which is fine, since again I'm at the top of the article (with the entire title of the book there, which almost NEVER happens!) so it's perfect placement for me! :)

I also did an article with the Daily Telegraph in the UK and he said it was for the Sunday paper, but now I'm thinking it'll be next Sunday because that's when Lost begins in the UK (I think?)


A.G.Wooding said...

Damn, I would have picked up a sunday paper if I'd realised. But Lost airs on the UK on Friday over here, a nice change.

Blam said...

Nikki: ... he's a fellow fan and writer and it was a ton of fun (I can't say we actually stayed in "interview mode" for the entire thing ...)
My experience is that the best interviews are conversations, although granted most of the ones I've conducted have been for special-interest comics magazines with more generous word count and more assumed knowledge of the subject on the part of the readers than something done for a daily newspaper.
Verification word: buthrou — How someone about to hurl asks for the requisite location.

Blam said...

I had the rare opportunity to sit down with my laptop in a coffee shop today. No sooner had I decided to answer your questionnaire than one barista, a fella, came in and began talking with the present barista, a gal, about Lost. I know you posted a similarly overheard conversation recently, Nikki, but long enough ago that it's probably better to drop this into a newer Comments section.
What became pretty clear pretty quickly is that the fella was indeed a fairly die-hard fan, but while admitting his deep love he was hesitant to contradict the gal. The gal, as you will see, was obviously playing up her interest in the show (in the name of flirting with the guy, it seemed, despite his having mentioned his girlfriend and her relative lack of Lostophilia repeatedly).
I didn't get everything because I was typing furiously as they were talking and this wasn't a conversation that I could rewind, as evidenced by the ellipses. The coffee shop was also fairly small and I started to get self-conscious about my transcription becoming obvious. I hereby present what I got, and, Fella, if you're as die-hard as you seemed and thus a reader of Nikki's, well, hello and no hard feelings.
Fella: I was wondering if you could take my shift on Tuesday.
Gal: Do you have plans?
Fella: You know that show Lost? I really love it.
Gal: I love that show! I didn't know they were going to make another season. [!!!]
Fella: Oh, yeah.
Gal: What is it, Season 7?
Fella: Yeah, I think so.
Gal: Didn't it end with a nuclear explosion? ...
Fella: I was thinking of bringing a TV in here and inviting my friends to come here. I could even have Lost Tuesdays, but I just want to geek out with it. I need to pay attention.
Gal: Like the last season, I was like, What?
Fella: I don't even know where they're going to go with it. How are they going to wrap it all up?
Gal: The one moment in Lost where I was really, like, I hate the writers, was when they shot that blond chick, Shannon. I guess they got sick of writing for her.
Fella: Yeah, Sayid still had that other girl in his flashbacks but he, like, hooked up with Shannon.
Gal: Then they killed that other chick.
Fella: She got hit by a car. ...
Gal: Jack and Sawyer are just, like, pretty boys.
Fella: They're like Luke and Han. You can't make it up, just steal from the best.
Gal: You can't not rip off Star Wars, though.
Fella: Oh, totally. I think it's funny that they even made Sawyer look like Han Solo. They even gave him, like, Hurley as a Chewbacca, and they're like best friends.
And scene.I missed the very end without realizing that it was the end.