Friday, January 15, 2010

TV Return Dates

Someone posted in the comments recently asking if I'd give everyone a heads up of when shows would be returning. Thanks to my recent copy of EW, I can do exactly that! Here are the shows I'm looking forward to coming back, and you can mark these dates down on your calendar:

Big Love: It already returned last Sunday, and I meant to do a preview of it, and ran out of time. If you're not watching this show, you should be. It's fantastic. It airs on TMN in Canada and HBO in the U.S.

24: This comes back this coming Sunday (Starbuck is going to be joining the cast!) for the 2-hour premiere, followed by the second 2-hour episode the following night. From that point on it moves to Mondays.

Damages: Returns to FX on January 25. And because I haven't posted this in a while, let's check out once again this show's kick-ass opening theme song. I LOVE THIS SONG.

Flashforward: Returns March 4. I've heard production has momentarily halted on this, so we'll see if they've worked out the kinks. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

The United States of Tara returns March 22 (on Showtime in the US or TMN in Canada). The first season was excellent, and the second one will show us some new alters.

V returns March 30 (we got 4 episodes, and then a 4-month break). The show bored me a bit, but the last episode was intriguing enough that I'd tune in again to see what's going to happen. It'll be interesting to see if it can hold its audience.

Glee is coming back April 13 and will run its final 12 episodes. Not sure if it's without a break or with, but here's hoping they run straight through!

And finally... something's coming back on February 2. It's on the tip of my tongue...


Erin {pughs' news} said...

February 2nd, February 2nd... Hmmm. It rings a bell. No, it's not the State of the Union address... Ummm, what is it again? Something about some numbers? And a plane maybe?


JennM said...

Excited for the return of Flashforward and V in March. April is a long wait for Glee, but I know it will be worth it!

As for Feb 2, I think that's that day they're going to premier some show about a Dr., a girl who runs away from her problems, and a guy who looks great with no shirt on…I wanna say Grey's Anatomy, but I'm thinking I'm missing something.


Oh, and it was me who asked for this schedule of returning shows, and I am forever grateful to you, and your EW magazine!


Gillian Whitfield said...

I'm not sure about the Feb. 2 thing . . . I know that I've seen it a few times . . . Um . . . something like Found or something ? It has something to do with an island and a pillar of smoke. Hmm . . . it'll come to me at 2:00 in the morning.

Marebabe said...

Nikki, I’m surprised that you listed 24 as one of “your shows”. If you ever mentioned it before, I totally spaced it out. Anyway, 24 has an honored place on my very short list of must-see TV. And because we are both 24 fans, I feel it’s my duty to make sure you are aware of Kiefer’s appearance on Letterman a few nights ago. I missed it when it first aired, but it’s on YouTube now for all the world to see, because it’s priceless! In a nutshell, Kiefer lost a bet with a (former) friend, so to pay up, he wore a green dress for his spot on Letterman. Someone promptly posted it on YouTube, in HD no less, and I strongly recommend the full 7 minute 37 second version. It’s called Kiefer Sutherland on Letterman 1/13 (HD). I absolutely love it!

Marebabe said...

I just read through your dates again and noticed that the return date for FlashForward has changed. This probably happened after the current issue of EW went to press. Anyway, I've seen reports online (Sci Fi Wire and others) that FlashForward has been moved back another 2 weeks. Look for it to return on March 18. (I just hope it doesn't get canceled before then!)

Batcabbage said...

There's three British shows I'm really looking forward to. The third and final series of Ashes to Ashes (Gene Hunt is a GOD); the fourth and final series of The Tudors, and the new season of Dr Who. Although I'm not convinced about Matt Smith, I am a HUGE fan of Stephen Moffat, who's taken over as showrunner of the good Doctor. I think Ashes and Tudors are back in April or May, not sure when the Doctor is back.

S Donk said...

I don't know how that show could live up to it's first season which blew my friggen mind. Hear anything about what they wanna do this season?

Brian Douglas said...

February 2nd...what's that?

Oh yeah, Groundhog's Day. That must be why I can't wait for that the 2nd of February.

Brian Douglas said...

Also, Katee Sackhoff is enough to lure me away from Heroes. Well, she can lure me away from anythiing. Even Groundhog's Day!

Robert said...

Excited for Glee, V, and Damages. I remember it was you who convinced me to check out Damages and man, was it worth it.

flexible said...

I absolutely love the theme song to Damages. Love it! Who is it by? I never bothered to check but have always loved it and its so appropriate for the show. Stand out show. Cant wait for season 3. Every season gets better.

@Jenn-don't be cracking jokes about Greys Anatomy. I won't have it :)It is hands down the best TV drama, pound for pound, right now. LOL. Yeah yeah, some of you might scoff...but believe it. Best acted, best stories, suspense, everything. LOST needs to be classified under sci-fi or mysteries or something. Especially from last season because if its drama...Greys beats it hands down. The Greys finale last year, was the best finale of all the TV shows bar none. No TV show did it better not even that sci-fi show that returns on the 2nd of February :)

The return of Greys lived up to expectations....and do you not watch CHUCK, Nikki? Fantastic show.

JennM said...


Oh, I definitely wasn't poking fun at Grey's Anatomy!
I actually wasn't even thinking about Greys Anatomy until I started listing the Dr., the girl who runs away, the great looking guys, and then I realized, "Hey! I could be talking about Grey's Anatomy rather than Lost here!" And that was the joke.

Grey's probably isn't my favourite show of all time, but my Mother watches it and sometimes I get sucked in. I can admit it. :) Sorry if I offended any McSteamy fans out there—it certainly wasn't my intention!

Nikki Stafford said...

flexible: The band that does the theme song to Damages is called VLA, but to my knowledge they haven't had much out beyond that song. They had one album (and that song is on it) and I've heard a few of the other songs on it and they sound NOTHING like the Damages track. They're kinda like A3, the band who did the Sopranos theme song who wrote this one brilliant song picked up by a TV show, and while their other stuff is good, it doesn't sound anything like that one song.

And I'm not gonna touch the comment about Grey's being better than Lost. Uh-uh. ;)

As for Chuck, I did watch it for the first two seasons, and stopped about 5 eps from the end. Simply because it was the same ep every week: Chuck goes off on a spy mission after swearing it off, he and Sarah continue to deny their love for each other, he's told to stay in the car but ends up going into the fray, and meanwhile back at the store the nerd herd are getting into some crazy shenanigans. I'm told the last ep was really killer, but what it came down to was I simply have way too many shows I'm watching, and something sadly had to go. I still love Chuck Bartowski immensely. He is my boyfriend, after all. ;)

flexible said...

@Jenn_I wasn't offended :) I got that you were kidding...and its certainly Mcsteamy for me.

@Nikki-How dare you talk about Chuck like that?! ;) Yes some episodes towards the end of last season became too blah but the start was great and the end nice and this season so far? Instant classics! Ofcourse we have to do the "will they, wont they" with Chuck and sarah. It's par for the course on almost all TV shows. House/Cuddy. Kate/Sawyer&Jack. Chuck?Sarah :) and I am a sucker because everytime it seems like they are about to make it happen, I actually believe it even though I know deep down, its not gonna happen just yet :) Feels good though. I fully understand the watching too many shows thing but maybe you should record Chuck this season. You won't regret it.

Thanks for the info on the Damages theme and yeah...lets not start the Greys and LOST battle. Wise move! I had my boxing gloves on.