Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Media Update

For the past two weeks I've been doing a lot of interviews and writing and answering a ton of questions. It's just starting to show up in places today. A piece I wrote for the Globe and Mail that will appear in tomorrow's print edition was edited down for space purposes... I'd written a piece on the Top 5 Moments, the Top 5 Fan Theories, and the Top 5 Easter Eggs. They removed the Moments, which is too bad because that was my favourite part of it. But it's OK; they put it up on the website so you can read it here. These are purely my opinion, by the way. I'm sure the comments (which are generally along the lines of "LOST SUCKS AND YOU SUCK TOO" on newspaper sites) will soon start hurling dung bombs at me, but I'll just avoid reading them. Be sure to pick up the paper tomorrow, where you'll see the rest of my piece and TV critic Andrew Ryan's interviews with the cast.

A 40-minute interview with the Mercury News garnered me one sentence in the article that went up yesterday (and my book wasn't mentioned... wah) but then again, that's a huge improvement over ones I've done in the past where the journalist calls me up, asks me a million questions because they've never watched the show before, and then never credits me anywhere in the article. And it's a really good article to get a vast array of voices. AND I'm the lead quotation. So I'm pretty happy with it! Check it out. (Watch for our beloved DocArzt to be mentioned, along with the title of his awesome book, Lost Ate My Life.)

An interview I did with the Calgary Herald appeared in Swerve magazine today (I think it's the entertainment section on Fridays) and it was a good one. I referred at one point to the showrunners "Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse" and I think the reporter wrote down "check creators' names" and in the article I say, "The showrunners, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber..." Heehee... d'oh! But otherwise it's a good one and I was quoted pretty faithfully. I don't know if it's up on the site. I have a pdf of the article if anyone wants to see it, but I can't post it on here, sadly. So if you'd like to see it, just send me an email. :)


humanebean said...

Nice job on the 'moments', Nik! I know we all have our favorites in this area but I thought that yours drew upon the most important themes of the show and the reasons why the most ardent fans have connected with it so strongly over five seasons.

Edited down to one quote! Boy, I know that feeling. And, in my experience, it's hardly ever the quote you would have chosen yourself! In fairness however, I do live by the maxim that "I'd just like to say a few words ... but you all know me better than that". ; ]

Austin Gorton said...

Great moments, all. I'd have a hard time quibbling with them (and I'm glad you managed to mention both the Flying Hot Pocket and Hurley's interrogation :) ).

And what is it with newspaper commenters being such jerks? I have a buddy who blogs about our woeful Minnesota Vikings on the local newspaper's site, and so many comments are just dumb stuff. "This sucks", "You get paid for this?" (which is funny, because he doesn't), etc.

I know the relative anonymity of the internet brings out the inner jerk in some people, but for whatever reason, all those people seem to hang out on newspaper websites.