Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost 80s Video Game

Thanks to Popped Culture for the link! Here's one designer imagining what the pilot of Lost would look like if it had been the basis of an 80s video game (oh, how many hours I wasted playing games like this!!) I LOVE the speech balloon above Jack's head (and check out the inventory... haha!)


humanebean said...

Awesome! Sign me up. I think I will find myself using an awkward, early computer voice to imitate Jack saying "I-don't-think-I-can-pick-this-up".

Would-you-like-to-play-a-game? ; ]

asiancolossus said...

Has anyone tried the Ubisoft Lost game? My friend got it for me for Xmas for PC, I've installed, but I haven't heard very good reviews on it. The avatars don't look like the characters much!

Jack" I don't think I can pick this up...but I can sure fix it!"

humanebean said...

@asiancolossus - I bought the game for PS3 and enjoyed it. The graphics were very good on that platform - some avatars were better than others, same with the voice performances. The storyline was intriguing, particularly the ending. I think most LOST fans would enjoy the gameplay and naturally take exception to deviations from the established canon of the show.

The Question Mark said...

hahaha wicked! As a video game geek, I must say I wish this were real!
Sorry, humanebean, as much as I love talking Lost with ya, I have to say I disagree on the subject of the Via Domus game. I was moy disappointamundo, as they say in Kentucky. :(

humanebean said...

@Question Mark - no worries, sir! I know that there was a wide divergence of opinion on the game. It had been out for some time before I bought my copy and I read up on the many, many negative reviews. I think perhaps I had my expectations suitably lowered and appreciated the game a bit more as a result. I completely respect your opinion - mine is by far in the minority on this one.