Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost: We Want Answers!

Here's a funny video from the Fine Brothers. (I can answer one question already: Jack got Locke's letter back when the airline did a mandatory search of Locke's body and they gave it to him.) See, one down!!


Duke said...

Am I too optimistic to think that we will get all the answers to all of these questions and have the best ending in television history?

dmc said...


JennM said...

A great review of the mysteries that have yet to be solved:)

Karolyn said...

That was very clever! I especially like the part about Jin time jumping with the island...keep 'em coming Nikki! it keeps us occupied for another...*gasp* week!!!

Wordburglar said...

Funny & poignant ;)

That list they have of all the questions is pretty good, and some stuff I'd really love to know other than the obvious, such as...

- Who was the real Henry Gale? How'd he get to the Island? (balloon?)

- How can Miles talk to the dead (a result of living through "the incident" perhaps? This might explain Hurley's power too?)

- Who did order the Purge? Widmore? Richard? Jacob?

- Who made the Others' brainwash video? Why?

- What were Kate & Sawyer moving rocks for?

sorry I'll stop ;)

Nikki Stafford said...

Wordburglar: Did you see the last question on the written list?:

"Nikki and Paulo?! Nuff said."

Austin Gorton said...

I dunno...that was funny and all, and maybe I should just let it go, but it seems like some of the questions they asked have answers and just haven't been spelled out, or aren't that important.

For example, why did they have to enter the numbers? To burn off the EM energy. Why not automate it? Because the DI wanted to conduct psychology experiments at the same time.

Why don't people from the past remember meeting people from the future? We've been over a lot of that here; does the show really need to say that Rousseau doesn't remember Jin because she's insane and has dealt with a ton of intense crap in the 15 years since she saw him for a few minutes? That's not so much answering the question as it is confirming an implication. Do we really want the show to spend time on something like that when there's more pressing questions to answer?


- Who was the real Henry Gale? How'd he get to the Island? (balloon?)

Unless told otherwise, I think we can safely assume the real Henry Gale was the African-American man pictured on the drivers license Sayid found, and that he did indeed crash on the island in his balloon. Presumably, whatever explanation is given, in general, to how Jacob draws people to the island (if, indeed, he does) can then be assigned to Gale's balloon flight.

- Who made the Others' brainwash video? Why?

The Others, presumably. Maybe Ben himself, maybe someone else. It's probably not that important. It was meant to brainwash them into becoming good little Others.

- What were Kate & Sawyer moving rocks for?

They were building the runway that on which Ajira 316 later landed.

Wordburglar said...

"Nikki and Paulo?! Nuff said."

Indeed ;)


Yeah, I guess some of those answers aren't that important, definitely not as important as others and I tend to fill in my own blanks whenever I feel that we've been given enought to do so.

Thanks for the responses, and I guess I knew the rocks built the landing strip (which Ajira landed on) but I guess the real question is: did the Others know that was going to happen/ who asked them to do it (presumably Jacob ordered it?)

Austin Gorton said...

Yeah, the question of how the Others knew to build the runway in the first place is one I'd definitely like an answer to; even if the answer is indirect (for example, we learn that Jacob is aware of future events, and that he does give instructions to the Others' leader; from that, we could infer that he told them to build the runway, even if the show never explicitly confirms that implication).

Anonymous said...

I just want to know how the statue was blown up and who took all the pieces away? They must've weighed tons and tons!

-Tim Alan

Unknown said...

...and why isn't Richard the "leader"??