Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Lost Supper Updated

Here's an updated much better version of the Last Supper Lost cast photo (thanks so much to Hayley for pointing me in its direction!) It's credited to Susan at

(Again, you can click on the photo for a higher resolution.) I mentioned in the comments to my blog post on this picture, please please please no shipper talk or arguments about this one. Yes, Sawyer is definitely leaning on Kate's chair in her direction. That comes as no surprise to anyone, I wouldn't think. But please, let's not argue about it beyond that. Pretty please?

OK, on with our discussion about this photo? Any significance? Or did they just happen to have the right number of cast members for the photo? Did anyone else notice, by the way, that they DON'T have the right number? Something, of course, I only noticed now by counting them... there should be Christ plus 12 disciples, but instead there are 13 people crowded around Locke. In other words, the unluckiest number of people he could have. Man, does poor John Locke EVER catch a break?!


Marebabe said...

At this point, all I would like to say about this cast picture is that you can read a VERY insightful analysis of it over at Fishbiscuit's blog. ( I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Rebecca T. said...

Is it just me, or does it look like Ben and Sayid are exchanging a serious look. We know Sayid has worked for Ben in the past, and he's sworn not to do it again (but he also swore not to torture, kill, etc and always finds himself coming back to it)

Does Ben, in some way, convince Sayid that they have to kill FLocke? It just looks more like they are looking at each other, rather than at FLocke

Fred said...

A second jar of peanut butter, opened no less, in front of Locke (does this symbolize his opening of the hatch?). In addition tothe Dharma beer cans, there seems to be 3 Dharma soup cans in front of Kate and Locke. In total there are 8 trays (ah, the magic number). But there is no food on any tray (excluding the soup cans).

Again with the colours: Jin is wearing black as is Ilana. Claire is seated on a purple airline seat, fitting Jack's purple tee shirt. Sawyer, I'd say, is wearing a red/faded blue which fits Richard and Hurley. The only one that stands out is Miles, in grey. Does this pairing of individuals by colour suggest their death, with Miles, the one who speaks to the dead, outside the group--like the first mate who escaped with the log book of the Black Rock?

Is it me or does the lighting look wierd. On Frank, Ben and Miles we see the principal lighting from the right, so shadows fall to the left of the picture. But some of the other individuals, their shadows just don't seem to make sense or just seem non-existent. If you don't cast a shadow, does that mean you are dead--ah poor, poor Locke (and Claire).

Shelb said...

The 13th person is for Rufus.

Robert said...

Hm...very insinuating, but after six years the thought of analyzing every detail makes me a little tired.

Bad Lost fan!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe that's just what the cast happened to be wearing when they decided to take the photo.

Like Robert, I'm not really into analyzing this, because it could be that they put no more thought into it than making sure everyone was posed correctly and that the "stuff" on the table sorta matched. It's a great photo, though. I'm on my way to read Fishbiscuit's blog so he can do all the analysis for me. :)

flexible said...

I am not sure if we should expect everything to be exact. The numbers for instance. 13 0r 14? The original didn't have peanut butter or Lillies on the table either and they were not in coloured clothes so I think much as it is the Last Supper picture, we should try to understand it more in line with the story we have watched for the last 5 years than trying to understand it and draw significance with the story about the man from Nazareth.

I am still not seeing anything more significant than the fact that Locke seems to have all the answers and everyone is looking at him. Whatever expressions they have are up to perception. To me, Kate almost seems to be smiling, but what do I know?! LOL.

Apologies Nikki about my comment of Sawyer leaning on Kates chair starting a little shipper debate. I do have to say that romance/triangle is part of the show so its gonna be pretty difficult to discuss this show and not discuss that aspect. Even this poster! If we are gonna discuss the significance which some are doing with regards to the positions of the characters, certainly, the positioning of Sawyer and Kate is up for discussion. That ofcourse will rub others the wrong way, hence the debate. I think its fair that we(shippers and we are millions:) myself included, refrain from questioning the perception of others if they do not agree with us(though its pretty hard when those others bring up their "perception abilities/capabilities" themselves)but discuss the points they raise. For instance, if I wanted to take a shot at what the positioning of the characters of this poster should mean in relation to Lost, it would be incomplete to ignore the Sawyer/Kate positioning. Once I do, a Jater will take offense etc its going to be hard but I promise to try to stick to the point and not the poster.(ps: my post you deleted was not bad at all, I didn't think)

Off to read Fishbiscuit :)

JennM said...

I posted this question in the previous Lost Supper post, and I am going to post it here, as well.

"What is going on behind Ben and Hurley? There is the very large boulder, and then the smaller boulder that appears to be suspended on two twigs?
I don't get it!?"

I was just wondering if this oddity stuck out to anyone else, or if anyone else even noticed it?

Thanks for posting this better picture, Nikki. It really is obvious now that Sawyer IS leaning on Kate's chair. Kate being in the position of Judas and Sawyer standing behind her (as in supporting her, standing behind her, having her back, etc.—NOT in a shipper nonsense sort of way, but in a support kind of way) could lend itself to some very interesting plot-lines in S6.

Batcabbage said...

@Jenn: Interesting question, here's what I see: The two metal rods are sticking out of the big 'boulder', and the small 'boulder' is in between the two rods. I see them as part of the destroyed dharma station, and the rods are like reinforcing steel rods for concrete, and it's just part of the wall that's been demolished. As always, I'm totally expecting to be wrong, but that's how I see it. Also, I think that the fact that Sawyer leaning against Kate's chair isn't as important as the yearning on his face for Locke's smooth, round, beautiful, Picard-esque baldness. I think it's love! "Mmmm, gonna get me summa dat cueball!" That's what he's thinking. :)

verification word: beltee - the one getting the belting.

JennM said...


I see, upon further examination, that you are probably right. It definitely looks like support beams and left-over wall remnants. However, it still (to me) is weird, eye-sore kind of detail.

Also, I checked out that expression of desire on Sawyer's face, and you're right! He is definitely intrigued by Locke's shiny head! But so is Jack! Could it be that S6 will come down to Sawyer v. Jack: who gets to rub Locke's head for good luck?
I kid!

Nikki Stafford said...

I remember a year ago looking at the S5 cast photo, and assuming that it was a terrible photoshop job. Daniel was missing a foot, and Juliet was missing her toes. I said something like, "This is a terrible photoshop job, unless they plan on killing off Daniel and Juliet or something."


So I do think they put some significance in these cast photos -- I mean, why not? It's a cheap way to give us something to analyze for the last month before it starts. I'm not going to spend too long on it, simply because I'm more interested in analyzing the show, and not the photo, but I'm delighted with all of the observations other people have found!

flexible: Typically I delete any shipper talk. But the earlier posts you made offered some insight I wanted to keep, so I didn't delete it (and your initial post wasn't particularly antagonistic, so it was fine). The last post basically said, "Let's stop talking about it now and come back and continue this discussion here when the show starts up again." And that's exactly the thing I don't want. I don't want ANY antagonistic shipper talk when the season starts up. Lots of us talk about, "Hey, did you notice what Sawyer said to Kate or Kate said to Sawyer or the way he looked at Kate over the way he looked at Juliet," etc. But we don't act like it's the #1 theme of the show, nor do we add, "And if you don't see it, I don't know what's wrong with you" or any sort of rude goading like that.

If you wanted to discuss it with me, I'd be happy for you to chat with me off the list. Please feel free to email me and we can discuss it, because I don't want to waste any space here, and I certainly don't want to be singling you out or being disrespectful to you, because I enjoy many of your non-shipper comments. So please email me and we can chat. :)

Lee said...

@ Everyone

Wow, I had no idea that one innocent comment would lead to all heck breaking loose! Now that we have a better-scanned photo, I agree 100% with everyone else; Sawyer is definitely leaning on Kate's chair, where before, it looked like he was distancing himself from everyone else. Amazing what a better scan can do for your depth perception, eh? ;)

Nikki Stafford said...

Lee: Innocent comments about any kind of ship in fandom often lead to wars, so don't take it personally at all. :) Luckily, everyone seems to have calmed down, and we can talk about it rationally again!

Fred said...

@Nikki: Oh my God, Widmore was right. There is a war coming ... between shippers. How very perceptive of him. This whole time we thought Widmore had sent Keamy to the island to get Ben, but the true mission was to separate the various people in the triangle. If Keamy couldn't complete his mission, the failsafe was to wipe out everyone on the island, and end any possibility of a shipper war.

The more I look at the photo the more I am beginning to think of it like a Roshack test. "Now, tell me," says the pyschiatrist, "what do you see?" "I see the heads of the showrunners ending up on the floor if they don't finish this story off right." (Nope,those skulls aren't Adam and Eve, but the beloved duo, Darlton, if all goes wrong).

One thing I began to wonder about was who was missing from the photo. I mean, there is no Vincent, not even a dog collar reference. And I know many of our favorite dead are only doing walk ons: Charlie, Shannon, Boone (perhaps Ana Lucia and Eko, I can only hope). But notice Widmore and Ms Hawking are not in the picture. And does this photo really mean we won't see Rousseau or Alex again, in any incarnation? I am hoping for a brief glimpse of Rose and Bernard before that perfect story comes to an end; and I could always do with a good snarky laugh over Frogurt and Dr. Arzt (besides, I have a question for the good know-it-all doctor: if the island is moving all the time, how do you know which way Antarctica is?). And Christian, how can we ever figure things out without Christian's presence--at least let's get an answer out of him.

Yes, I am deeply concerned many of the past personages of the island's history will simply vanish before our undertsanding of them is complete. How did Mikhail get the patch on his eye? And why won't he just die? Why is Radzinsky so crazy and paranoid? Did Radzinsky design the Lamppost? Is Leonard Simms really Radzinsky? And what was the point of Daniel, except to introduce the idea of time travel and give Jack the notion of tossing the firing mechanism of Jughead down the Swan construction shaft?

Back to the photo. I reiterate, the lighting is wierd. The bottom half is reminiscent of those Baroque images of Dutch masters with references to death. I like the Dharma ruin reference (probably the Orchid, given the strange light and the building shape). But there is really no reference to the Others. Aside from seeing Richard and Ben, there is no pillar where they tied Cooper to, nor even a wisp of the smoke monster. And whose hand is that intruding into the photo, like a sales-person presenting a new car model at some show. Is that a part of the show? If so this may be our only reference to the disembodied body parts strewn across 5 Seasons of the show. Finally, are they really turning or looking to Locke for all the answers? If we bring our knowledge of 5 Seasons to bear, we realize Locke has really been out of the loop much of the time. So why turn to him for answers, unless this isn't Locke. (My psychiatrist will make much of this, but in the back of my mind I've replaced Locke with Alfred Newman, oh and if you fold the photo it will reveal an alternate truth).

Marebabe said...

Well, Fred, that's quite a list of observations and comments! I especially liked your question for Dr. Arzt, how do you know which way Antarctica is? And you saved the best part for last. I'm seriously tempted to print this picture and start folding it different ways...

So many of the characters you mentioned are missing from the picture because only high-ranking series regulars were included. People like Desmond will be seen in the final season, but not as cast regulars. (I hope that last sentence wasn't a spoiler. I think that's common knowledge by now, isn't it?)

flexible said...

Theres a 2nd picture of the Lost Supper Nikki. Miles and Claire switch places in this one. Gives this whole photoshoot more significance now. Seems Darlton have something to do with it. Usweekly or ABC would not be switching places just for the hell of it.

I cant speculate further because I fear it will be influenced by some spoiler knowledge but safe to say, this poster is not just a photoshoot of seat where you like, my people.

Oh..and yah, sawyer is still leaning on Kates chair and infact it is even more obvious now because some may say, Kate is leaning on sawyers hand. ;) Just saying...I come in peace :)

DCoutcher said...

Here is a link showing 2 pictures and talks about possible clues to the finale. The pictures have subtle differences, can you spot them?

Ravi said...

One comment you made at the end of your blog stuck out for me. 13 is *not* an unlucky number. Rather, if you go back in history, it is a number of great spiritual power. The bad luck came from those who could not handle that power.

I think that's why the original painting had 13 people including Christ - a very powerful grouping.

Having 13 people plus (f)Locke dilutes it as there are 14 people.

v said...

I found this article
with two versions of the picture. In the second picture, everyone is facing forward and some of the characters are rearranged.
This could mean that the placement doesn’t matter (since it changes between pictures). Or if the positions are important, it might indicate that characters will take on different roles and/or be with different people in alternate timelines (crash versus no crash).