Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stuff People Send Me

I get tons of Lost links every day, and I never post them fast enough. So here's a jumble here in one post:

Joshua told me about a fun Easter egg on the Kayak travel site. Go here, then choose a flight leaving SYD and going to LAX, one-way, non-stop, leaving September 22, 2010. When you get the results page, scroll down. Funny!

Lindsey emailed me to say that People Magazine is offering a big pull-out refresher course on Lost in the latest issue with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. It's all stuff we'd know, but it was fun anyway.

Don Edwards sent me this chart of Lost character connections. And it's AWESOME.

Thanks for sending me things, everyone!!


JennM said...

The chart was very cool. Looks like it took a lot of planning and work. Thanks for the link:)

Marebabe said...

I checked out the Kayak site, and I guess I missed the joke. I thought maybe there would be something about Oceanic or Ajira, but I'm stumped.

crazyinlost said...

I'm with you, Marebabe, I totally don't get it. What are we missing, Nikki??

stacy said...

The funny is on the last page- there is a flight for oceanic airlines, flight 815.

Nikki Stafford said...

Marebabe & crazyinlost: Did you make sure you checked non-stop flights? It didn't work for me the first time, either, because I forgot to do that. If you follow every instruction I gave (one-way, non-stop) you scroll down and the bottom option is Oceanic Flight 815. It costs $4839... which is 4, 8, and 16+23. ;)

humanebean said...

Even better! It actually costs $4,815.16 in airfare, and $23.42 in taxes and fees. Endless source of amusement, those numbers.

Verification word: "chout" - premiere in 4 days
makes me wanna/CHOUT/
kick my heels up and/CHOUT/
throw my hands up and/CHOUT/
throw my head back and/CHOUT/
come on now/CHOUT

... *ahem* ...Nurse Ratched, I believe it's time for my medication, now.

Marebabe said...

Thanks, Nikki! I checked one-way, but skipped non-stop because I couldn't find it on the page. That's one well-hidden Easter egg!