Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost on Twitter!

I'm so bad with Twitter. I really am. I was dragged onto it, and it's one of those things where, when you're on, you're on for ages. And then days can go by where you don't go on. At least... that's what happens in my world. When I post something, I should immediately tweet that post. But I never do. I have friends who post a blog entry then immediately tweet it and cross-reference it on their Facebook "Become a Fan" page and I think, man, how do you get all of those things in synch?!


After being off Twitter for a couple of days, I saw a few interesting things on there tonight. Namely, in Carlton Cuse's tweets. First, he says that ABC is going to finally show some season 6 footage in a commercial that will air during Desperate Housewives on Sunday. Wait... does this mean we actually have to watch Desperate Housewives? Because... I really don't have to see S6 footage that badly. ;) (Besides, it'll be up on YouTube minutes after it airs.) So if you're interested, tune in.

Secondly, he says that he's just gotten word that Lost will NOT be going on hiatus during the Olympics. This is good and bad... good because, well, hey, it's not going on hiatus during the Olympics!! Bad because I was actually planning a trip to Mexico and working it to fall within that week so I'd never miss a night of blogging. D'OH. So I'll have to figure out what to do there. If there's high-speed in our hotel room, I guess I'll be blogging one night.

In the past couple of days I've done interviews with the Daily Telegraph in the UK, the Detroit Free Press, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Philadelphia Inquirer, IScreenYouScreen (I think I talk to her after every book of mine comes out and she's always a blast to talk to), and tomorrow I'm doing Virgin Radio in Vancouver (I believe it's a taped segment) and some more stuff on Friday.

On Friday, by the way, the first Globe and Mail live chat will be happening at noon in anticipation of the new season. I'll have a direct link closer to the end of the week where I can direct all of you, but it'll be at the Globe site.

And finally, one of my favourite blogs, Stargazing, mentioned my book yesterday. If you don't check out Malene Arpe's blog on a regular basis, do. She's the one who writes the hilarious captions in the entertainment section of the Sunday Star every weekend and usually makes me spit up my orange juice in the mornings. I love her stuff.


Benny said...

Woot! no hiatus; I just need to check the hockey schedule to make sure there are no conflicts!

(and maybe curling...)

By the way, I'm back semi-full-time to the blog! Making time for it with the ultimate TV event.

poppedculture said...

I'll show ya how to do it, Nik, it's a breeze. You know, when you have time. Ha ha.

Susan said...

Nikki ROFL at "does this mean we actually have to watch Desperate Housewives? Because... I really don't have to see S6 footage that badly." I think I can wait too.

I think I'm one of the few on here who is an Olympics fan, but I figure Lost is only on for an hour for two days out of the entire Olympic schedule, so I can miss a couple of hours (of Olympics I mean).

Anonymous said...

I like to have an alternative to watching DVDs during the Olympics.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

Boo, Nikki. I think FM96 was playing your interview today, but I must have missed it! I hate it when they promo something but don't give the time when they'll be doing it. Anyway, lots of other great LOST news to make up for it!

Nikki Stafford said...

Jer: Yes, I do need to get tips from you on it. I have no idea how you're doing all of that.

ashlie: My best friend called me this morning as I was shuttling the kids out the door to say FM96 was about to play the interview with me, but I obviously didn't have time to run upstairs and put a note out on the blog (not that anyone would have caught it in time). I don't know how it sounded... I hope it was OK! Sucks I don't get the heads up on these things.

JennM said...

@ Ashlie, Nikki

I also missed the spot today. I drive 40 mins. to work, and they kept saying that after 8:00 they'd be "talking" to Nikki Stafford. Although I knew by 8:00 I wouldn't be in my car anymore (sad about that), I admit that I felt slightly superior knowing that Tucker and Taz wouldn't be "talking" to Nikki at 8:00 at all, thanks to your blog about how they pre-taped your interview!