Monday, January 11, 2010

Me in the Media

So I know you've been DYING to listen to my voice as I expound on the mysteries of Lost (all three of you!) and so here is the media I'll be doing in the next few days (all times are EST):

If you're in the London, Ontario area, I'll be on FM 96 on the Tucker & Taz show at 9am tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Jan. 12). If you're outside of the southwestern Ontario listening area, you can go here and click on "Listen Live."

At 11am tomorrow I'll be on Morning Mojo on KIX FM 106.1 in Peace River, Alberta. And again, if outside the listening area, you can listen in live here (near the top right corner you'll see the Listen Live button).

I'll be interviewed by the St. Petersburg Times in Florida tomorrow afternoon, as well as the Oakland Tribune, so I'll link to those stories once they go up.

On Wednesday I'm heading down to Space (Canada's sci-fi network) to film some spots they'll be using as they air season 6 of Lost (I believe they'll be airing it on Saturdays following the initial airing). I've done Space before, and it's lots of fun, so I'm looking forward to it!

On Thursday morning I'll be interviewed live for Media Bistro at 9:30am on the Morning Media Menu. I believe it's going to be in the Galleycat section of the site.

And finally, I'm pleased to announce (and will be mentioning this often!) that I'm going to be one of the three people involved in the Wednesday afternoon Lost chats at the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper! Every Wednesday at 12 noon, I'll be chatting with Andrew Ryan, the TV critic, and Christina Vardanis, the deputy arts editor, as we dissect the episode from the night before, talk about what questions have been answered, what remains, how we see the story changing, etc. And we'll be taking questions from readers (I think) the same way the Washington Post chat worked, which means you guys can all jump in there with your say. I can't wait! I'll let you know when it starts up; I believe there's going to be an introductory chat on January 29, but I'll let you know if that happens for sure.

That's all for now, folks! I have a busy week ahead of me. I hope some of you will be able to listen in! :)


aCanadiantoker said...

hey nik this is one of those normally reading but not writing guys you were mentioning - I just thought id say that the reason i dont write very much on here is because everything i think of your readers have already thought of - but i truly enjoy reading your books and following along with all the crazy comments during your rewatch- cant wait to hear you tommorow on fm96

Robert said...

Congratulations! I don't see any listings that I could reach, but I hope you all the best anyway!

humanebean said...

Now, are these airings available to God-fearing Americans here in the lower 48? Or, even the ones who aren't afraid all the time? 'Cause I'm scared I'll miss 'em!

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Joan Crawford said...

This is very exciting! I will be shouting "I send that lady takeout menus!" at the computer as I listen in.

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asiancolossus said...

Congrats Nikki!
How does it feel to be in such demand?
Now don't forget about us little people as you are signing all those autographs and the paparazzi is chasing you down! :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Joan: I meant to respond on that comment on the other post, but if you sent me defaced take-out menus, I would frame them. ;) Start sending!!

Robert & humanebean: I would try clicking on the sites and then checking the "Listen Now" buttons right now, and if it clicks you into the broadcasts, you'll be good for tomorrow. If not, I apologize on behalf of Canada. ;)

asiancolossus: I know... the paparazzi has already begun popping up on my front lawn and snapping me as I get into the car in the mornings. Does this mean I have to start wearing underwear? Dammit!!!

aCanadiantoker: I'm glad you're reading, even if you're not commenting! We love having you. :)

Unknown said...

sooo exciting! I can't believe you are actually going to be on the air on the ONLY radio station I get in the Peace Country that isn't 100% country :)
I live in the middle of nowhere and apparently I am easily excited.
Nikki is the Alberta interview at 11 eastern?

Nikki Stafford said...

Plain_Gillian: That's great!! :) Yes, they said they'll be calling me at 11am my time, and it'll be live. So is that 9 or 10 local time?

humanebean said...

Does this blanket apology cover Celine Dion as well? If so - accepted!

The links appear to work perfectly so, on behalf of the USA, we humbly accept your invitation to hang with our Canadian homies.

Good luck, Nik!

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JennM said...

Hey Nikki,

I listen to Tucker and Taz every day on the way to work. I will for sure catch you on there tomorrow.

Good Luck!

Marebabe said...

Attention, ladies (especially Joan and studiorose): Head on over to DarkUFO for the latest LOST promo pictures from Russia, featuring some of our favorite menfolk. They're all awesome, but the ones of Sayid will give you palpi-pi-pi-tations. You've been warned! :)

Rebecca T. said...

Whee!!! That's so exciting for you. There go my plans to sleep in tomorrow morning, but seriously, Lost and Nikki are WAY more important than a little sleep ;)

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Batcabbage said...
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Ashlie Hawkins said...

Can't wait to hear you on Tucker and Taz, Nikki!

Unknown said...

I think its 8

Nikki Stafford said...

Plain_Gillian: In case you don't see my update in time, it turns out the Peace River segment will be pre-taped, and I have no idea when they'll be airing it. :( Maybe they'll tell me when I talk to them.

Unknown said...

Nikki, I saw your update and thanks because I thought I was going crazy :)
Too bad, I would have liked to hear you and I don't listen to the radio that often. Its a cruel ploy just to get me to listen everyday until the 2nd. LOL!