Sunday, January 03, 2010

Jocks Love It, Too!!

Here's one of my very favourite commenters, who has been a part of this blog since almost the very beginning (and he lives pretty close by, yet I've never actually met him... why IS this?!) Here is Roland, who posts as asiancolossus on the blog! I'm so excited to finally see so many of you!!

And his note: "I may just be a Dumb Jock, but the smartest thing I ever did was to Find Lost! Thank you Nikki for enlightening this Dumb Jock and telling me what one snowman said to another snowman, what lies at the foot of the statue, and always being my Constant!"

Awwwwwwww.... :::smooch:::


Marebabe said...

Wow! I have a Roland digital piano, which I guess was named after you! Greetings, asiancolossus. Reading your wonderful endorsement just now, I thought how perfect it will look on the back cover of Nikki's S6 book. :) And once again, I'm so pleased to be putting faces and names together. When we all finally meet at some party or convention, it will just make everything so much easier!

asiancolossus said...

Awesome Nikki! This fame whore can die happy now LOL. Aren't we all such geeks? ;) I just realized I made a slight mistake in my note, it should have been "what did one snowman say to the other snowman"...oops my bad...I thought I better catch that or else people will think I'm trying to change Lost history!

On behalf of all the Nik at Nite fans I'd like to thank Nikki for her hard work on this blog. She has always acknowledged her fans and obviously her fans appreciate it! We oughta definitely have a blog get together! How about a Dharma party where we push each other's buttons? :)

BTW the Dumb Jock thing is sort of half serious as I feel humbled (dumb)by everyone's incredible knowledge of Lost and look forward to reading everyone's comments about our fave show...

Great pics everyone, this was a great idea is to a great but sadly final S6!

Thanks Marebabe for your comment, it is so nice to see all of you guys as well!

Nikki Stafford said...

Honestly, the "dumb jock" thing came as a total surprise to me because you are anything but when you post on here!! So I'm going to take it as a total joke and not serious at all! :)

Blam said...

Hey, Nik! If you ever do put together an omnibus of Finding 'Lost', you must subtitle it The Constant Reader (the obligatory A Complete Guide to all Six Seasons would still fit somewhere on the cover).