Monday, January 04, 2010

Lost at the Washington Post!

Hey Nik @ Niters! Guess who's been asked to come over and be a guest on the Washington Post blog on Wednesday, answering questions from Lost fans??

That's right, you guessed-- No, it's not Damon. Or Carlton. It's... no, not Jorge. Sigh... NO, it's not Matthew Fox, will you LISTEN TO ME it's... no. It's not DocArzt. He already did it a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, for Jacob's sakes... it's me!! Yes, I will be joining Lost bloggers Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly as we moderate a discussion on Lost, this Wednesday at 2pm EST (get yourself in front of a computer and make sure the boss isn't watching!!) It'll run for an hour, and we'll be focusing on the big moments of the series: the ones that made you laugh or cry. Hm. Nothing comes to mind. I guess I'll have to think about that one.


Anyway, you can submit your questions or comments ahead of time, so head over to the Washington Post blog here. And then come join us for the live chat on Wednesday. I hope to see some of you there! It'll make it feel more like home for me. :)


Megan said...

I look forward to it! I love Jen and Liz. Tell Liz she's got a fan in Yellowknife (through Gene, of course).

humanebean said...

Boo-yeah! The next logical step in Nik at Nite Global Domination - taking America by storm!

I checked out the Post online and submitted a question ... do you think Jen & Liz will enjoy talking about Ben's nose hair?

; ]

Joan Crawford said...

Ahhhhhh! Congratulations! How awesome is that?! I will absolutely be there!

Ali Bags said...

Darn - that's 3am for me. Mind you with my current jet lag I might be able to make it.

Batcabbage said...

I'm with you, Ali, although 2 hours ahead. I'm a night person, maybe I'll just stay up til 5 am.

I was gonna post a question along these lines:

Given the fact that Eloise is Daniel's mother, Widmore appears to be his father, and the fact that Damon and Carlton have been very tight lipped about the upcoming season, do you think that Brian K Vaughan would be my friend?

But I'm thinking that might be a bit too out there. :) Nik, I'm sure you'll do your usual outstanding job! Good luck!!!

JS said...

@batcabbage - LOL!!

1. Do you think we will see an alternative timeline, where those touched by Jacob will retain memories of the 3 years since the first crash of 815?
2. Do you think 815 will still crash on the island, even if there is no swan station (if the reset worked)?
4. Do you think the war is really between good/evil or free will/destiny and what would the consequences be for the rest of the world, considering Eloise statement "God help us all" (assuming all means all of humanity) if going back to the island doesn't work?
5. Is everything really caused by O6 leaving the island? What would have happened if they hadn't of left?
3. Will we see more shirtless Desmond and Sawyer? (Actually that is more of a request - can you influence that??? :) )

I actually did move the questions around so let's just blame the out of order numbering on a time warp anomoly.

Blam said...

Given the fact that Eloise is Daniel's mother, Widmore appears to be his father, and the fact that Damon and Carlton have been very tight lipped about the upcoming season, do you think that Brian K Vaughan would be my friend?
Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! There are maybe two non-lurkers who will get this reference, by the way, but while your updated icon is snazzy it still kinda makes me cringe because I can't help but think of the awful Earth-Two Robin insignia from the mid-'70s with the R sprouting the batwings.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Awesome, Nikki! I'll be there. Just have to write it on the calendar so my fuzzy brain doesn't forget! (these little boys of mine are sapping all my energy and keeping me up late... when I could be reading my Finding Lost Season 5book!)

So many questions. Can't wait to read your answers!

Batcabbage said...

@Blam: LOL! On no! Right, that's it, I'm changing back, right the hell now!

Now that you've mentioned Earth 2, it makes me wanna read Morrison's JLA Earth 2. So I will! Thanks, Sir Blam!

verification word: prosev - a professional sev. (wow. that was reaching)

RT said...

I just want to know how they got such a hot, intelligent writer on an old media site like the Washington Post. Go Nikki!

Robert said...

Congrats! That is awesome!

Rebecca T. said...

That is amazing. AND I have tomorrow off, so I will do my best to be there! How cool!

asiancolossus said...

And the fans go wild.....WHAAAAAAAAA!

Nice to be invited as an expert on Lost, I will try to stop by, you always give good interview :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Don't forget, it's today! I can't wait. Basically fans have sent in their favourite moments of the series and then Jen, Liz, and I will respond to them, what we thought in those moments, etc. I'm hoping some of my faves are in there, because I NEED to talk about so many poignant moments in the series. But I don't think we bring them up, we only respond to others. Hm... I should have used some of you as my plants. ;) But I'm assuming if any of you submitted your fave moments, they were probably similar to mine because we all think similarly (my long-term plan for domination is to make all of you think like me... bwooohahahaha!)

Batty, you made me laugh out loud with that question. I lurves it.

We should do a joke chat on here. I'll come up with a list of sample questions, answer them myself, and then every day I'll tag a new person to answer all of them and I'll post their responses. Whaddya think?

humanebean said...

Excellent idea, Nik! I know I'd love to hear Batcabbage, Blam, Marebabe, Sonshine, et. al. put their unique spin on some of our favorite discussion points. Can't wait for the chat.

Austin Gorton said...

Sounds like a great idea to me, too. It'd be a blast!

Rebecca T. said...

Oooh oooh! That sounds like fun! I can't wait to do that :)

And of course we all think like you, that's why we're here. No one else can understand our ramblings!

Rebecca T. said...

Yeah Nikki! That was a fun live chat. Never done something like that before. You were, as always, hilarious.

(btw, the Chester comments were me and my sister :)

Joan Crawford said...

I was Patchy!

Batcabbage said...

I just read the chat transcript, and it was excellent. Well done, Nik! I would have participated but I was sleeping (stupid time differences!). I'm all for the chat thingy here! Sounds like a big heaping pile of fun.

If I had've been awake, I probably would have said something like 'My fave moment was when Hurley was reading Y: The Last Man. I stood up and yelled at the screen, going for 'Y: THE LAST MAN', but it actually came out more like 'WAHDUHLARMAH!' It was frightening.'

verification word: ostraphi - the choir of angels that all the other angels never talked to.

humanebean said...

@Joan - "I was Patchy" - ahahahahahahahaha!

That was a fun chat! I represented the Massachusetts contingent AND got to be Smokey Frogurt. Nikki's response, "... two flavors, one light, one dark" had me ROTFL!

flexible said...

Don't usually read these chats. Read it just once. However, read it this time because Nikki was gonna be on. Glad I did. I have to thank you Nikki :) I know you said it because it is your opinion, but as a Lost fan who still has Kate as her absolute favourite character by a mile, I was happy to see you stick up for Kate against Liz whose hatred for Kate I have now come to find amusing. LOL. So, thank you.

Nikki Stafford said...

Thanks, guys! I had a blast doing it (I'll post the archive link on a new post later today).

flexible: I think it's because of the backstories of every character that I feel sympathy for all of them, even Ben... people really despising Kate is something that always kinda baffles me. But to each his own, I guess!

Joan: LOL!!! You guys were so well hidden I was reading some of the questions and laughing and then thinking, "Hey... is that one of my peeps? It's smart, funny... MUST BE!" ;)

humanebean: That question made me laugh out loud, literally. :)

humanebean said...

YES! Audible laughter, FTW!

; ]

Verification word: "unshn" - let somebody back into the group