Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lost DVDs Super-Cheap at Amazon!

So... are you a fan of Lost but don't have the DVDs yet? Or perhaps you've never seen the show and you stumbled upon my site by accident and you know you SHOULD be watching Lost? Well... there's still time before the February 2 return of the show to catch up. (Granted you do nothing else and drink a lot of caffeine.) And to get you started, Amazon has greatly reduced their prices! You can get the new season on DVD for $19.99!! (Thanks to Blam for the heads up on this.) I just might have to order it; I have the limited edition ginormous version and, as I geekily proclaimed here a couple of weeks ago, I really wish my sets all looked alike.

Oh, and as Blam mentioned to me in his email, you get free shipping if you order $25 or more. So if you just need one season... I suggest getting the Finding Lost companion volume to go with it! (Look to the left of the screen for those links. Yes, I'm shameless...) Here are the links to each season on DVD:

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season

Lost - The Complete Third Season

Lost - The Complete Second Season

Lost - The Complete First Season

And if you live in Canada, they're also on sale at

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season

Lost: The Complete Third Season

Lost: The Complete Second Season

Lost: The Complete First Season


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Cool. I got Season 2 for Christmas and then 1 through 4 went on sale for $19.99 at Future Shop, and my hubby treated me to all of them. And now you say Season 5 is on sale, aussi? I'm going to order my copy right this second!

Thanks Nikki. My credit card doesn't thank you, but whatever. How can I resist season 5 for under $20? I can't. And I shouldn't be expected to either!

Sagacious Penguin said...

Unfortunately, Nikki, even if you get the regular edition DVD the packaging will still not match the rest of your collection. It will match a lot better than the Dharma set, mind you, but they changed the material, style, and feel of the set quite a bit this time. As a packaging nerd (yes, we come in all kinds!) it drives me nuts when a series stays true to its format for four seasons and then just suddenly throws a monkey wrench in the mix.

The new set is smaller than Season 4, even though it's the same number of discs, the 'LOST' font on the side is way smaller and displaced. It's no longer the nice sleek plastic of the previous sets. There's no clear part on the cover that gives way to a picture beneath... sigh.

I know, I know... I'm a stickler. But it's the little things that get you sometimes, and of all shows I thought LOST would have kept its packaging integrity intact!

asiancolossus said...

Has anyone noticed that Season 5 (the regular edition) is a lot cheaper than the other 4 seasons? Particularly, they don't have the nice plastic cover and now its a paper cover so the 5th season looks nothing like the others. Really disappointed me. Plus I found that the extras weren't as good. Not sure if they have much more on the other editions. Seems they are saving things for Bluray now and that kinda ticks me off!

As we discussed I almost bought it from on Bluray sale a few weeks back. But I probably will wait to get the special Dharma edition that they will no doubt put out in a special set at the end of the series.

asiancolossus said...

sorry segacious...I just read your post, I said basically what you did!