Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes

So I hope y'all are tuning into the Golden Globes tonight. Ricky Gervais will be hosting (i.e. comedy GOLD) and I heard Matthew Fox will be presenting an award. I'm thinking of live-blogging it but haven't decided yet. I can't wait!


poppedculture said...

Live blogging? That's so 2008. What you need to do is host a live chat:

humanebean said...

We LOVE the Golden Globes at our house. They are a much bigger deal than the Oscars, with actors and industry people seemingly more relaxed and enjoying themselves. To have Ricky Gervais added into the mix this year is just icing on the cake.

Oh, Ricky you're so fine/you're so fine you blow my mind/hey RICKY.

Yes, I had to go there. ; ]

humanebean said...

Honest to Zeus, this is the verification word that appeared on my screen after the last comment:

"clost" - what happens when I close my eyes.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Fun. Thanks for the heads-up! Love Ricky Gervais. And it's always fun to dish about what the celebs are wearing...

Nikki Stafford said...

Jer: Regardless of what year I'm stuck in, I'd rather live blog than live chat. I'd like to actually watch *SOME* of the awards with a tiny bit of focus! ;)

humanebean: I enjoy the GG's far more than the Oscars, but I used to hold a huge Oscar party every year (where Jeremy would come and I would KICK. HIS. ASS. on the ballot) and we'd have up to 35 people, each of whom would put $5 into a pot, and whoever had the highest sections right on their ballot would take the pot. The winner one year got $175. It was wicked. ;) (And the only reason we actually threw such a huge party is because it's the only thing that made watching them tolerable.)

Marebabe said...

Hey, Nikki! This evening I chose the season premiere of "24" over the Globes, and I was surprised and pleased to see Doug Hutchison (aka Horace Goodspeed) playing one of the bad guys. Glad he's found work!

Shelb said...

The Globes are generally enjoyable because everyone is drunk, but this year even more so.

Gervais is the first GG host in 15 years and he really killed, even though he wasn't seen much, which is a shame. John Lithgow's win was well deserved (all respects to Michael Emerson) and to see Michael C. Hall win after so long and especially this year with his health situation.

Personally I'd change afew winners (mostly because I haven't seen the shows/movies) but unlike the Oscars, the Globes usually give it to people more deserving, or atleast people who I'd like to see more.

I thought the Haiti thing was abit weird, with certain people just plugging NBC's Haiti website, although it was great the Haiti situation got so much coverage at the show (were the ribbons necessary though?).

I wish they'd seperate the Mini Series/TV Movie/TV Series acting awards though. If they set up the floor better, we'd of had 5-10 minutes more to present awards instead of EVERYONE getting lost trying to get through the crowd to the stage. It seems everyone but Jeff Bridges took 2 minutes getting up there. Terrible. The celebrities are drunk tonight, not the damn producers!

Lee said...

Michael Giacchino won for best animated score, so maybe his music for "Up" will actually be released on an actual CD, as opposed to only being available in the MP3 format.

Michael Emerson did not win for his role as best supporing actor in a drama series, although he and his wife both looked smashing.

Matthew Fox did present an award last night, although he almost stood on the wrong side of his partner at the podium and she snarked in annoying tone, "This is what happens when you don't show up to rehearsal." And Fox could only sheepishly agree.

Oh, and I'm still confused as to how "Lost" wasn't nominated for Best Drama. Perhaps this season it will get the respect it deserves.

Wordburglar said...

This isn't about the Golden Globes but I have a question regarding names of characters -

Do you think there's any meaning to the use of doubled character names? I mean, the writers seem to know what they're doing so why would we have so many doubled up names (examples below)


Emily & Emily (Locke & Ben's Mothers),
Richard (psychic) & Richard Alpert,
Charlotte (psychic's daughter) & Charlotte
Charlie Pace, Charles Widmore & Baby Charlie

Even John/Jack (Jack is sometimes slang for John)

It's probably nothing, just wondering if you had any ideas/theories?

Okay, done my daily geeking ;)

Fred said...

Is it just me or does the Golden Globes seem to just blend into all the other awards shows. I watch these and the Academy not for who wins, or I'd be shouting myself hoarse at the TV, but for who MCs the show. Ricky Gervais was an incredible host and made for a great evening. Now if they could only email the awards and we could have just had 2 hours of Ricky.

@Marebabe: I agree, goo to see Horace Goodspeed on 24 (now is he one of the good guys? I am so confused since LOST). I think they lost a golden opportunity on 24--we should have learnt Jack Bauer had converted to Islam while in Africa. Oh wouldn't that add nuance to the character! Actually, I had almost expected such as a final reveal on last season's show.

Marebabe said...

@Fred: Doug Hutchison's character on 24 = BAD BAD BAD!!

fb said...

i remember your oscar parties, nik! they were legend! i particularly liked the way you named all the appetisers after the various movies that were nominated -- ha!

with all due respect to michael emerson and lost, i am beyond thrilled that michael c hall won. i actually had tears in my eyes (for a couple of reasons) when he went up to accept his award. season 4 of dexter was absolutely outstanding, and both he and john lithgow were brilliant. as you know, i have a tremendous soft spot for both dexter and MCH, so i was just delighted to see him winning, though it was obviously a bittersweet victory.

Joan Crawford said...

@Word - Yeah! I never made the Psychic and Captain Eyeliner connection before, interesting! Yes, Jack and John and Jacob...these names weren't picked at random, that's for sure.

Duke said...

I finally caught onto the verification word thing you guys do...very funny!

I couldn't resist this one:
roffi: Raffi's younger,less talented, not very well known brother.

poppedculture said...

So I looked back and it appears I took you out in 2006! Wooo! So as long as you don't look at any other years I can away without my posterior bruised.

Oh yeah, it's ON!

Joan Crawford said...

@Duke - Roffi! LOL!